freedom to exist.

Today I am existing. Just existing.

Im lying on my bed, the sheets ruched up around me, my hair and body unwashed, eating my second bowl of cheerios of the day (dinner), puffing on a vype and dually watching a season on netflix and playing candy crush.

Today i am slobbing, lounging, çhilling, lazing, bumming. And I’m very aware of the freedom and luxury I am in. I think of the millions of people on this planet with me who today are stuck in an office working for a corporation they dont agree with ethically, clinging to their loved ones on a raft in an open sea, unsure of their fate, or chained up in a dirty hut, forced to perform for sweaty visitors.

I look out my window at the sky and think of all those people and my heart breaks. Everyone should have the privilege of existing, in whatever way they see fit. Nae – everyone and every living creature from a flea to the large blue whale and everything in beteeen should have this privilege. It is not a lot to ask. There is enough resources on this planet for us all to have the basics. I would not have my vape, my technology and may not even have the luxury of cheerios and soy milk, but i would have a mat, a roof, some sustenance for my belly and, most importantly, peace, knowing that more creatures of this earth were having an existing kind of day like mine.